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Welcome back registered participants and welcome new participants to this year's Grand Prix Series. Stay tuned for announcements and race information. 

Download and print the 2014 Race Calendar.

  • Heel to Heal 5K CANCELLED
    7/29/2014 6:59:39 AM

    This year's Heel to Heal 5K has been cancelled for September 6.

    1/31/2014 8:18:13 AM

    The season hasn't started yet and we have a change -- so if you have printed any calendars out, please note this change:

    Redneck Run for Young Life will now take place on Saturday, MAY 31, 2014

    Marti Wood Stephan Ovarian Cancer Awareness 5K will now take place on Saturday, JUNE 7, 2014.

    The races have swapped days due to a scheduling conflict.

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  • Racing Season 2014!
    1/20/2014 11:18:46 AM

    Get Ready, Get Set, GO! Participants of last year’s Grand Prix Run/Walk Race Series will need to log in to this website and verify their account information for the start of the 2014 season.

    This year, The Health Plan, CentreTown Fitness, Hole-n-Run, Undo's, Ryan Ferns Healthplex, Main Street Bank, Home Pizza, Ogden Newspapers, Runner's Connection and the Ohio Valley Runners’ and Walkers’ Club are teaming up in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles throughout the Ohio Valley with the Ohio Valley Grand Prix Run/Walk Race Series.

    Once you have verified your information for the series, DO NOT forget to select which events you are participating in so we can verify your participation and competition points. You will still need to fill out whatever forms the event itself requires, but as event registration forms become available we will link them to our site.

    Runners and walkers will accumulate participation points for every 5K they complete in the participation category. Once an entrant accumulates 10 points within their category, they are automatically eligible to attend and receive awards at the annual “Taking Strides Towards Better Health” Grand Prix Race Series banquet.

    Competition Points will also be awarded at the majority of the Grand Prix events to the top 10 finishers based on Grand Prix age categories. Events that are Participation Points only are marked on the schedule with an asterisk. This year, we will be utilizing a participant’s best 10 Competition Points for age category awards at the end of the series.

    NEW this year, we will have drawings for CentreTown memberships, Ryan Ferns HealthPlex memberships, Runner’s Connection certificates and more for our Iron Man and Woman category. To attain this level, participants have to accumulate 20 or more participation points for the 2014 Grand Prix racing season. We encourage you to get out there and run or walk. The more you do, the closer to the Iron Man/Woman category you get!

    You can find a complete set of rules and points system on this website. You can also find the race series calendar and important news updates.

    We look forward to seeing you at one of the many races in the series and we hope to help you “stride towards your better health” in 2014.

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  • Getting Started
    1/20/2014 11:16:16 AM

    If you are participating in an event listed on our Race Schedule and would like to earn points towards the banquet to be given at the end of the year and to also be eligible for the awards that will be given away at the banquet for the top three finishers overall in their age category, you must register on this site, in addition to signing up and participating in each of the scheduled events.

    Click on the “Registration” button.

    Fill out your information, click “Submit.”

    Once you are registered, you can login to view your Points Earned, your Upcoming Events, Completed Events, your Category, and edit your Account Information.

    Click on “Select Events.”

    Listed are upcoming events for this year’s Grand Prix Race Series. Select the Events (Add Events) that you are participating in. You can sort to see “All Events” or “My Events” with the buttons at the top of the screen.

    After a race is completed, the event name will no longer appear in the Upcoming Events window, you can view your event in the “Events Completed” window.

    Clicking on an Event Name will open another window with additional information on the event, such as description and location of the event, website of the event, registration form, and contact information for that event. Event Details will also show you how many Participation Points the event is worth and what Tier Category the event is in.

    After a race, you can view your points earned by clicking the “Points Earned” button. It will display your overall Participation Points and Tier Category points.

    After an event, click on the “Events Completed” button to view the race information and points earned information for that particular event.

    The “Category” button displays the Category Type you are registered in and your age division.

    At any time, you can update account information with the “Edit Account Info” button. When changing your password, an email will be sent to you to verify that a change has occurred. You have 48 hours to respond to the change or your account will revert back to your old password.

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    1/20/2014 7:32:30 AM

    Please read the Race Director Info. located on the left menu. We have updated a few things and want to make sure you have the right information going forward with your race.

    Also, if you are mentioning the Grand Prix Series on your race applications -- the new web address is now www.ovgrandprix.com. We changed this last year. Please make note.

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  • Don't Forget to Select Your Events!
    4/17/2012 11:05:50 AM

    In order to receive any points in the Grand Prix, the participant MUST select the event from the website that they want verified.

    You can verify that you have selected your event by clicking the “Calendar” button after you log in. Click the blue “Add” button for the events you want verified. Races that you have selected for verification will have a red “Remove” button next to them. After selecting the events, the results are manually verified and updated in 24 hours.

    Keep in mind that you will still need to select events for verification even if competition points are not awarded for a particular race. Your participation points will still need counted.

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  • View Us on Your Mobile Device!
    2/16/2012 12:02:42 PM

    Mobile device users can access us through their phones! A modified version of our full site is available for users. To create an icon to display on your devices for easy access to our site, follow the instructions below:

    When accessing the site through an iPhone (1.1.3 or later):
    Tap the "share" icon", Tap "Add to Home Screen", Edit WebClip/Bookmark name and tap "Add".

    Droid users:
    Navigate to website; tap bookmark icon in top right corner of browser; tap "Add" in top left corner on bookmarks page; Edit the bookmark name and tap "ok"; Go to any home screen location; Push and hold for one second. The phone will ask you what to add to the home screen; Choose "Shortcuts"; Choose "Bookmarks"; Tap Grand Prix bookmark.

    Also, watch for QR Codes on posters and other marketing material to access our site when you are out and about. If scanning a QR Code, you will need to install a QR Reading app on your mobile device.

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